Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery

Will I suffer from constipation?


No, but there may be a reduction in the volume of your stools because you are eating less. If you develop any problems, it is fine to take some Metamucil or increase the fibre in your diet.

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What if I go out to eat?


Eating out is fine. You will generally be able to eat a normal range of foods, however it is advised to eat smaller portions, such as ordering an entree as a main. After the procedure you will feel comfortably full with this.

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What about other medications?


The procedures will have no effect on taking your normal prescribed medications in the long term. Its important with restrictive procedures not to take large tablets; so there will be a need to have easily chewable or liquid form of tablets.

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Will I need to take vitamin supplements?


You will need vitamin and mineral supplements after these procedures as you will generally be eating less food than your body is used to. This ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals you need for energy and vitality. This will be discussed by the dietician preoperatively.

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What about pregnancy?


If you are planning a pregnancy, we recommend not falling pregnant for a least one year after the sleeve gastrectomy or bypass.

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After my surgery, what aftercare services do you offer?


We offer the following services: Unlimited surgeon consultations Unlimited telephone based support A total of up to 5 individual Dietitian sessions. You will need a referral from your GP for a health care plan so that a rebate from medicare can be obtained.

After my surgery, what aftercare services do you offer?2017-10-29T15:59:02+11:00
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