A gastroscopy is an endoscopic examination of the oesophageal,stomach and the duodenum. Its commonly called “endoscopy” ; “panendoscopy” and can also be commonly combined with a colonoscopy.

It takes 5 minutes to perform and is a day procedure. You need to fast for 4-6 hrs for this procedure; and if combined with a colonoscopy then you will need to prepare for that as well (e.g. take bowel prep – see colonoscopy)

Biopsies are usually taken to assess for Helicobacter pylori (stomach bacteria); and coeliac disease (duodenal biopsies). Further biopsies can be taken for reflex assessment; and disaccharide enzyme levels in the duodenum.
A hiatus hernia can be checked for during this procedure; and usually photos will be taken.

Indications (reasons why we do this procedure):

  1. If you experience abdominal pain
  2. Part of the FOBT examination process
  3. If you feel acid reflux


  1. Sore throat/discomfort
  2. Perforation of the upper GIT – this is extremely rare but is possible.


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